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Around the globe and across every industry, a digital transformation is happening—and picking up speed every day. Whole industries are being invented and reinvented by the rapid digital transformation fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT).


You have the revolutionary opportunity to turn technology into transformation. Get ready to change how business is done.

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By using Microsoft technology to build, deploy, integrate, and manage the next generation of smart devices and systems you can:


Engage customers

Build better, stronger brand loyalty by harnessing data representing a complete view of your customer. Draw actionable intelligence and predictive insights that can deliver personalization at scale. In short, delight your customers by delivering what they want before they even know they want it.

Empower employees

Give them new devices and experiences that fuel collaboration and productivity, while mitigating risks like security and privacy concerns, giving them access to critical information when and where they need it. Entire organizational effectiveness can be shaped through technologies like mobile apps, dynamic dashboards, and other digital artifacts.

Optimize operations

It’s not enough to know what’s happening now in your business—you have to anticipate what will happen, and then be prepared to capitalize on that insight. You need the right data to derive new insights as well as to inform whether or not your digital vision is paying back on its investment. Reshape customer relationships and service models by gathering data across a widely dispersed set of endpoints, and introduce improvements on a continuous, real-time basis.

Transform products

Evolve your products, services, and business models using digital content to capitalize on market trends and emerging revenue opportunities. If you do nothing, you risk someone coming from outside your industry and totally changing the game. It’s the nontraditional competitors that are creating new customers and new customer classes, according to Wang. Additionally, analyst firm Gartner forecasts that by the end of 2016, 30 percent of businesses will have begun monetizing their information assets, which is fueling an information-driven economy targeted at $156 billion.

IoT Microcosm: Ireland's Croke Park paves the way for smarter cities.

See how Croke Park stadium is improving fan experiences and fostering better relations with the local community while reducing their carbon footprint. IoT innovation helps ensure a safe experience on some of their tourist attractions while driving efficiencies and cost-effective stadium management.

Read Croke Park's full story and get more transformational success stories at:

Security in the Era of IoT

Deterring hostile attacks and data compromise requires a comprehensive, continuously evolving plan to assess every device, every component of the infrastructure, every member of the organization—even your customers.


At Microsoft, we enable your digital transformation through comprehensive platforms and help you take an end-to-end approach to security – from each device all the way through to the cloud. After all, a device that is already secure naturally and provisioned to connect to a secure cloud will accelerate efficiencies and speed solution deployment.


With the Windows platform, you have a proven foundation for integrating and managing newer, smarter types of devices within your organization and technologies to gather data, monitor security, or enable productivity on the go. And with Microsoft Azure, a comprehensive collection of integrated cloud services, you have an infinitely scalable platform for developing powerful new devices and services that present actionable insights that can transform your  organization.



Transformation across every industry


Every company in every industry around the world is now being challenged to transform from being an organization that uses digital technology, to being a digital organization.


See what digital transformation can mean for your business.


Start your digital transformation

Are you ready for digital transformation? Do you have the right people and the right technology to build your digital vision?


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With one universal app platform, one commerical-ready security model, and one deployment and management approach, Windows makes it easier for your IT organization to manage these devices and incorporate them into their strategic plan. As one of only a handful of firms with hyper-scale cloud infrastructure, Microsoft is in a unique position to help our customers tap into digital transformation and invest in technologies that will create more operational efficiencies and better engagements with customers, suppliers, and partners.


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